Master Banton

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Senior Master of the Solace peacekeeper guild. Second-in-command after High-Master Chendor. He was a thin, bearded man. First appears in Book One.    

Master Orcus

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Legal liaison of the Solace peacekeeper guild. Bulky and heavyset. Pudgy face, pillowish around the middle. Average height. Black Master’s robes. Beefy hands. A heavy bracelet composed of three intertwining dragons with rubies for eyes adorned his bulky wrist. Scripture … Continued


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Boy in Hofen’s school class whose father made a comment about the Founders that caught Teacher Bluntus’ interest. First appears in Book One.


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Robes are orange-red. Sleeves are encircled with embroidered red circles threaded to each other with orange stars.


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“A subterranean creature that appeared to be a cross between a rat and a snake and was native to Bellisprodus meaning the Founders had not introduced it when the cities were first built hundreds of years ago. About six inches to … Continued