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“A subterranean creature that appeared to be a cross between a rat and a snake and was native to Bellisprodus meaning the Founders had not introduced it when the cities were first built hundreds of years ago. About six inches to a foot long this wiry, whip-thin creature was particularly savage and aggressive generally attacking in large numbers against unsuspecting miners who were immersed in their trade. Torches would keep them at bay as they detested light of any kind but they liked to come up out of the mines at night and scavenge upon the garbage strewn about the city streets creating havoc wherever they feasted. They had been known to swarm over a grown man and gnaw him to the bone in a matter of minutes. Above-ground appearances were rare but it was always good to make sure that you were securely locked up inside some sturdy structure when darkness arrived or at least avoid traveling on any of the dimly lit or dark streets that the government guild of Multag did not see fit to keep bright. There were several main avenues that were always well maintained so the citizens of Multag kept to these whenever possible, carrying torches or lanterns when they were forced to walk down the smaller routes to reach their destination.”