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Apprentice peacekeeper who likes to bully the younger apprentices. Tall and lanky, with a stray lock of hair that rested just over his eyes. First appears in Book One.


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Robes are Singers/performers/acrobats/jugglers, actors, dancers, music composers, sports

BIE Station, Solace

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BIE=for Bellisprodus Intercity Express Station The air-tube station, or BIE for Bellisprodus Intercity Express Station impressed me before I stepped inside. I had always wanted to visit here. Though the enormous building stood only three stories high, it seemed to … Continued


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Heavy brown tunic held fast by thick leather belts secured with a hefty metal buckle in the shape of a hammer striking a horseshoe. Thick-soled leather boots adorned their feet. Metal working. Tools.


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Largest of three boys who bullied Hofen at the Solace school. Friends with Ghan and Diagrin. First appears in Book One.