Fourteen-year-old Hofen is more shocked than anyone when precocious Babette becomes the first female peacekeeper apprentice in Bellisprodus’ history. The High-Master tasks Hofen to watch out for her like a big brother, but he has different ideas about where their relationship should go. To his delight, Babette shares his feelings, but since their guild forbids such a romance between apprentices, no one must ever find out or they both face expulsion—or worse.

Peacekeepers are sworn to uphold the Scriptures and keep the peace, but a rising insurgency of warmakers threatens to disrupt the core stability of their world. After they kidnap Babette, Hofen becomes far more involved than a mere apprentice should be, lacking the training and wisdom necessary to protect himself from his enemies. On top of everything else, he means to convince Babette they can secretly be together, despite the risk not only to their own future, but to that of their entire world.

PEACEKEEPER’S PLAN is Book Two in the PEACEKEEPER’S PASSAGE series, a science-fantasy tale with a touch of coming-of-age that will appeal to YA readers, with cross-over to New Adult and Adult.

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Purchase Peacekeeper's Plan on Amazon!
Purchase Peacekeeper’s Plan on Amazon!

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