Everyone seems to be against him. Can a boy no one wants become the hero the world needs?

Hofen Heimstatten can’t take much more. Abused by his stepfather and bullied by his classmates, the twelve-year-old loner yearns for a place to belong. So when he’s adopted into the justice-enforcing Peacekeepers Guild a year early, he believes he’s at last found a home.

Prohibited from learning the special martial arts skills until he’s thirteen, Hofen is stunned when the older apprentices treat him just as poorly as his former peers. But when he stumbles across dark forces plotting to disrupt their idyllic society, the friendless youth resolves to teach himself the forbidden lore to protect himself and his people… even if it risks expulsion.

Has Hofen got what it takes to rise to the moment?

Peacekeeper’s Passage is the exciting first book in the Peacekeeper’s Passage young adult fantasy series. If you like underdogs taking charge, cool new worlds, and gripping action, then you’ll love Wayne Meyers’ coming-of-age adventure.

PEACEKEEPER’S PASSAGE is a fantasy tale with a touch of coming-of-age that will delight both YA and Adults readers alike!

If you enjoyed reading PEACEKEEPER’S PASSAGE, you’ll want to check out the second book in the series, PEACEKEEPER’S PLAN!

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