Love or Duty?

Hofen thought his life could not possibly get any better. Now a sixteen-year-old experienced apprentice his forbidden romance with Babette intensifies, his fighting skills improve daily, and the peacekeeper masters trust him to become an elite protector—even sending him out on his first mission!

But good things don’t last forever. The peacekeepers struggle to counter the warmakers’ escalating plot to overthrow their government, and even the best kept secrets have a troubling way of unraveling at the worst possible time. So, just when the peacekeepers need him the most, Hofen must choose between pursuing love and happiness against the peace and stability of his entire world.

PEACEKEEPER’S PAIN is Book Three in the PEACEKEEPER’S PASSAGE series, a science-fantasy tale with a touch of coming-of-age that will delight both YA and Adults readers alike!

If you haven’t read Book One yet, check out PEACKEKEEPER’S PASSAGE!

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