BIE Station, Solace

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BIE=for Bellisprodus Intercity Express Station The air-tube station, or BIE for Bellisprodus Intercity Express Station impressed me before I stepped inside. I had always wanted to visit here. Though the enormous building stood only three stories high, it seemed to … Continued


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Capital of Bellisprodus. Home of the king. Home of all guild grand-masters.   “We noticed a few visitors whose robes were adorned with small emblems of the crown stitched in gold upon their turned-up sleeves. The crown effigy was a … Continued

Vyarth Street, Solace

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One of Solace’s quieter thoroughfares with many small shops located within five or six story buildings. All buildings were brick-faced with bright red trim about the windows, but each a different pastel color alternating so that no two contiguous buildings … Continued