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Can He Outrun the Bloodthirsty Warmaker Horde?

Hofen is thrilled when his High-Master invites him along to visit Corallius, the capital city where the King and Grand-Masters of all the guilds live. After the peacekeeper Grand-Master personally asks for his help with a special mission, he is elated beyond words and determined to succeed no matter what.

Only, his mission doesn’t exactly go according to plan. One of the Royal Princes decides Hofen should not be snooping around his business and has Hofen moved to where he can keep an eye on him. The timing couldn’t be worse. Hofen finds himself in the middle of a Royal coup fleeing for his life along with Princess Arlena–a haughty girl whose father may be behind not only the coup, but the rebelling warmaker army and their very future. Hofen faces the most dangerous and critical challenge of his life to protect the ones he loves while preserving the foundation of their entire world.

PEACEKEEPER’S PILGRIMAGE is Book Four in the PEACEKEEPER’S PASSAGE series, a thrilling fantasy adventure with a touch of coming-of-age that will delight both YA and Adult readers of all ages!

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