…for the Peacekeeper’s Passage Series!

Follow along the adventures of Hofen, a young apprentice training in the peacekeeper’s guild on a world twisted between antiquity and modernization on the verge of revolution. Part science fiction, fantasy, and coming of age–but 100% fun, exciting, and full of action and adventure!

ARC Readers receive a free e-copy of my latest book prior to public release with the understanding you will read it and post an honest review on the release date. You can post to as many review sites as you like, even if you copy and paste the same review, but I strongly prefer including Amazon if at all possible.

That’s it! You get a free read, and I get an honest review ready for when the book launches. Win win!

Why is this helpful? Well, it’s tough to sell books as in indie author. There are so many out there these days. By launching with reviews already in place, new readers are more likely to take a chance and purchase the book to read themselves.

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