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Welcome to my February, 2023 Bulletin!

Thank you, dear readers, for your support. I appreciate all of you!

May your days be filled with good fortune and great happiness.


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Science Topic of the Month!
Forget Space–What About Beneath Our Feet?
It didn’t make a huge splash in the press but apparently the Earth’s core has stopped rotating in one direction and may have reversed, spinning in the opposite direction. Yes,…
More Cool Stuff!
Valentine's Day Origin!
Valentine's Day Origin!
Was this world-celebrated day of love invented by a poet? Believe what you like, but to be safe, adore your loved one all days of the year and not just one!
Valentine's Day Saint and Martyr
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What's new with me?


  • Book Five draft: first round beta edits in progress!
  • Building a Peacekeeper's Passage World wiki -- series of short articles for each character, place, and thing. No spoilers. Let me know if you're interested in seeing this.
  • Looking for ARC readers and Beta readers! Click my blog post for more information.
  • Interested in joining my Private Facebook Group?
    I'm currently building a community for fans to interact with me and my writing. Members will have free access to some of my published manuscripts and works in progress.



  • PEACEKEEPER'S PILGRIMAGE, Book 4 was released!
  • PEACEKEEPER'S PAIN released October 1 to rave reviews!
  • PEACEKEEPER'S PLAN is released! I hope you enjoy it. If you do, please consider leaving a brief review on Amazon or Goodreads to help other readers find a great story!
  • So excited to share a new FREE short story SONNET OF THE NEW DAWN with my awesome fans! You can download from Smashwords for free. Also available on Amazon. If you love it and want to review the story anywhere you see it, I'd be very appreciative.
  • THE SWORD AND THE RING is now available as an audio book! Read my blog post for more info.

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Best wishes to you all. Unchain your imagination!


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