Thin Infrared Filter for Night Vision – Revolutionizing Eyeglasses

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silhouette of man with phone in the dark

As someone who has worn glasses most of his life and experiences night driving challenges, I was very happy to read this article.

In the past, night goggles were bulky and heavy, making usage awkward and inconvenient.

New technology has developed “an infrared filter that is thinner than a piece of cling wrap, weighs less than a gram, and can be placed over standard eyeglasses…”

The material used is made from lithium niobate, which is transparent in the visible range. There is also a photon beam spread over the surface area, which limits angular loss.

While still in the early phases I’m hoping to “see” a commercial coating available in the near future.

I’m looking forward to having this available for driving and other activities such as nighttime walking. Please share your thoughts about readily available night vision in the comments below.

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