The First Vegetarians?

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In today’s world there are numerous food options available for our selection.

We can shop at the grocery store or farmer’s market and bring food home to store until ready for cooking. We can eat out at restaurants and let someone else do all the work.

We have choices to eat what we want, from healthy to decadent and everything in between. Sometimes it is a good thing to stop and consider how much easier we have it over our ancestors.

When you think about ancient man and their dietary habits you may imagine groups of them thrusting spears at a furious mammoth, or chasing a herd of deer over a cliff. At least with me, this means I see them hunting for meat as their primary food source, with a side of whatever nuts and berries they might have picked up along the way.

But there were a group of early humans called the Iberomaurusians who instead of primarily meat, were believed to subsist mainly on vegetables instead.

As usual I caveat these studies as less reliable than we are led to believe because short of going back to the past and seeing it for ourselves, we just really don’t know for certain. However, the studies of ancient teeth and bones are the best indicators we have for understanding these things and it is convenient to hang our hats onto something upon which we can base a conversation about.

We can’t tell why they chose this diet, but we can speculate. Perhaps these people did not have the ferocity needed to hunt down powerful game. Perhaps they were of a sort who were reluctant to kill animals at all. Maybe their culture and traditions believed in the power of vegetables over meat.

So, the next time you walk the aisles at your local supermarket, remember how our ancestors had to hunt for their food, even if that meant wandering through the land to find ready to eat freshly grown veggies.

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