Is Life on Venus Possible? Study Says Yes.

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Hemispheric View of Venus

Well, why wouldn’t there be life on Venus?

Venus reaches temperatures of hundreds of degrees and is blanketed by clouds made up of sulfuric acid, making life as we know it highly unlikley.

However, according to this study conducted at MIT, 19 amino acids persisted for over a month in sulfuric acid solution that included some water. As we all know, amino acids are the building blocks of life.

Does this mean Venus has likely evolved some sort of flying creature life form that flits about through the sulfuric clouds? Not really, but it means something like that could be possible, even within that harsh environment.

My thoughts are we really don’t understand the universe we struggle to interpret, even though we take a rather agressively positive attitude to indicate that we do. And if Venus has evolved life, which to me is entirely possible through means unknown to our human scientists, it could take on a form we have absolutely no concept of.

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