Human Supremacy Collateral Damage

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As humans have advanced technologically, we’ve become the worst neighbors to most other species we share this planet with.

This isn’t something we typically stop and think about. Sure, there are environmental groups who advocate it, but overall, we’re really a very selfish class of animal. The question is, does our ability to change the quality of life for others give us the right to do so?

Certainly, we need a place to live, and as our population expands so do our borders. We clear land at an alarming rate, removing trees and habitation to make room for new houses. The lumber for those houses comes from trees that had to be chopped down, most likely from somewhere else. The water we need has to be directed from somewhere to these new homes.

From a survival perspective we are doing quite well, expanding and pushing other animals further and further away. At some point, there will be no place left for them to go. Instead of flourishing, their populations will shrink.

Is this what nature intended, for the strongest species to overwhelm all those who can’t compete? Perhaps it is simply a less attractive facet of our natural progression.

Philiophical debates aside, I found it very interesting to learn that the artifical lights we use just about everywhere are confusing the insects! Here is a lesser considered impact our advancement has upon the bug world, simply by putting illumination where they don’t expect any illumination to be.

I’m not a hypocrite as I sit in my home that required trees to be chopped down and animals to relocate. I do understand the human necessity to grow and expand, and with nothing to stop us but ourselves perhaps we are fulfilling our destiny. I’m pleased to have a home and a bed to sleep in.

I can’t help but wonder, though, if there might be a path to accomplish this better.

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