Argo and The Uncharted Ocean

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body of water during golden hour

We spend a lot of time looking up, but much less looking down.

What do I mean by that? Well, according to National Geographic, more than 80 percent of the ocean is not mapped, far less than the surfaces of the moon and Mars.

We’ve all heard about the Mars rovers and I’m sure you’re as excited as I am to learn what they’ve discovered about the Martian surface. There are plans to colonize the moon. But why aren’t we paying more attention to our own planet?

Well, turns out we are doing more than I realized. I read about the Argo Program and was thrilled to learn we’re finally paying attention.

From the Argo site:

Argo is an international program that measures water properties across the world’s ocean using a fleet of robotic instruments that drift with the ocean currents and move up and down between the surface and a mid-water level.

The data that Argo collects describes the temperature and salinity of the water and some of the floats measure other properties that describe the biology/chemistry of the ocean.  The main reason for collecting these data is to help us understand the oceans’ role in earth’s climate and so be able to make improved estimates of how it will change in the future.

What I really love about this is it an international united project. If we could do more of these and less killing each other, the world would certainly prospoer as a result.

While the current ocean metrics Argo collects are important, I’m really hoping we start dropping them deeper and really map the vast underworld beneath us.

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