Is Dementia Treatment on the Horizon?

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Dementia, Alzheimer’s…whatever you wish to call it, is a terrible disease. Not only does it impact the victim but it devastates the victim’s family as their body remains intact while their mind disappears. Memories of a lifetime slip away and they may not recognize you anymore.

For the victim, they are confused and frightened, not knowing where they are, how they got there, and who you are.

I went through this with my grandfather, may he rest in peace, and it was simply terrible in every way. As I get older and sometimes forget things I worry about my own future and putting my loved ones through something similar.

But there may be hope as we research new solutions. Electrical Brain Stimulation may be a way to combat this terrible disease.

We face many challenges today from the terrible violence deliberately inflicted upon one another to the debilitating diseases we continue to battle in the laboratories. Surely if we put all of our energy from the former into the latter we’d make wonderful strides beneficial to all.

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