Dinosaur Demise Debacle

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Dinosaur. Free public domain CC0

The battle continues–millions of years after the fact we presume to understand why the mighty dominate species of an ancient Earth are no longer in existence, let alone still in charge.

Volcano vs. Asteroid, and now based on this latest study, the volcano theory is winning.

It is interesting to see how scientists struggle to explain something that could only truly be understood by going back in time. The fact is, we don’t know for certain why dinosaurs are not here today so I have a few theories of my own to propose.

  1. Dinosaurs mastered space travel and decided to find a better place to live, en masse. Ok, we don’t believe they had hands with opposing thumbs that would permit the use of tools (although over millions of years isn’t it odd they never evolved?), but what if….
  2. …some unknown alien entity removed the dinosaurs from our planet for us. Maybe they did it for the dinosaurs, or maybe they wanted to give humanity a chance to thrive. Such a benevolent race would have moved them, not destroyed them. After all, if all the dinosaurs died of natural causes (or toxic conditions due to volcanos and asteroids) then wouldn’t we find a lot more of their skeletons everywhere?
  3. Last but not least, they killed themselves off by fighting against each other to the death over territories and resources.

Read the last one again. Does that remind you of anyone in particular?

Whatever removed the dinosaurs from our planet long before we knew they existed was a game-changing event for humanity. I don’t believe we’d be here in our homes and clothing, reading or typing on our computers in complete ignorance of what wiped out those who were here before us, if the dinosaurs remained dominant.

Do you agree with the scientists about how the dinosaurs disappeared? Please comment below.

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