Is Immortality Within our Grasp?

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We’re all going to die someday. That’s a fact.

But what if the leading cause of death, aging, were taken out of the equation?

Scientists may have come across the means to slow, if not actually stop, our cells from aging. You can read more about the process in this article, but let’s take a moment here to consider the logic of such a method.

Cells wear out over time as they divide, but even today there are ways to slow this process down through things like diet and exercise. Alcohol consumption, smoking, exposure to ultraviolet rays are all environmental variables we can control. Stress is another factor we may have less control over, but by making specific life decisions we can mitigate that as well.

Cells are even DNA coded to “age” as though we were built with an expiration timer in mind.

I’m oversimplifying this of course, but what if we could reprogram the DNA not to age and come up with a procedure or drug cocktail that would stop our old cells from falling apart and restore them to pristine condition?

As our scientific expertise grows and we learn more about why we age and how to prevent or cure terminal diseases, our lifespans will increase not only in livable years, but healthy, productive ones as well. We’re not there yet but it sounds like the path is achievable.

That is, as long as we don’t wipe ourselves out first.

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