Are We Amazed Humanity Exists?

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NASA Sees Maria Intensify into a Major Hurricane

Earthquakes. Tornados. Hurricanes. Oh my!

These are all examples of natural disasters we’ve come to accept as normal, yet what exactly are these horrific acts of nature that can utterly devastate humanity without mercy?

Researching hurricanes, it becomes clear we still don’t understand how they form. The articles say it has something to do with rotating winds over warm water that feeds cyclonic motion until it intensifies. Certainly, there is truth to that as we see storms strengthening into hurricanes while they pass over warm waters, then weakening back into storms when they pass over land.

But as to what actually stirs some random spinning wind until it achieves a sort of life of its own simply isn’t understood.

How fragile we are, subject to the whims of nature and coincidence. Meteors could strike our planet at any time. The sun will go nova someday. What other cosmic mishaps await our exploration of the stars?

Personally, I believe the only way humanity will thrive over the eons is if we step up and take care of each other. We balance our weaknesses through the strength of others and together become invincible. If we don’t, the natural disasters that confront us–both known and yet to be discovered–will take us out.

In the meantime, let’s hope we can determine the causes of disasters like hurricanes and formulate a solution to prevent their destructive behavior. Mother Nature may be a tough opponent, but we need to step up and try our best.

If uniting together is the best way to achieve this, then perhaps that is Mother Nature’s intention all along.

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