Are the James Webb Space Telescope Images Real?

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Even mainstreamers have heard about the James Webb telescope that was launched into space several months ago and has finally started capturing images of our universe. Science buffs are salivating at the results, seeing images with far greater clarity than the Hubble telescope was capable of. The scenes are both mind boggling and beautiful. These aren’t fantasy inspired artists’ renderings but an actual depiction of space. If we were the Silver Surfer flying throughout the cosmos, this is what we would actually see.

But is this actually true? As this article explains, the JWST images indulge in quite a bit of art and creativity to translate the infrared radiation the human eye is incapable of perceiving. In short, these amazing images have been adjusted for human viewing, and in doing so generating a false sense of visuality for those who don’t understand why.

So, while the Silver Surfer might see what the pictures show, you and I would probably not see much of anything, or at least nothing that appears the same.

Which leads to the question, what else is around us that our eyes cannot see? Is there an entire landscape of “invisible” beauty surrounding us? Would this amaze or horrify us?

Out of the gate I think of auras and spirits, things our pets might perceive when they stare apparently at nothing and hiss or growl. It might be best that we don’t see anything more. Sound, temperature, the echos of lost lives…or loves…what if all of that was visible? Imagine walking into a friend’s house and witnessing the emotional remnants of a recent argument with their spouse.

What do you think? Would such an ability become akin to a sixth sense and enhance our ability to better interpret and react throughout our lives, or is ignorance truly bliss? Please comment below.

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