Who Made That Hole on the Moon?

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Full Moon

This article caught my eye, where NASA found a hole on the moon made by a rocket, but they can’t figure out which rocket made it.

NASA hires some pretty sharp people, so if they can’t determine the origin of this mysterious hole, then what exactly are we dealing with?

What…or who?

Is it really so difficult to believe that aliens are aware of us and like to keep an eye on Earth? There are countless planets out there and the likeliness that life exists on some percentage of them seems highly probable. Take into account they have existed millennia longer than humans, giving them ample time to develop faster-than-light space travel and it is almost a certainty they’ve scouted our planet. Maybe even multiple “they’s”.

How far do we take this concept? Have various races been involved with humans since our inception, building pyramids and other architectural marvels that seem impossible considering the technology available to humans during those times? Perhaps even genetically altering other races into what we identify as Homo Sapien, solving the “missing link” dilemma where we’ve never found the intermediate evolutionary form of man between humans today and previous hominins.

If we review the uncertainty of the past, we’re left with a lot of confusing questions, including the notion that history itself is passed down through the filters of its present. In other words, if someone back then didn’t want us to know something about them today, all they had to do was not write it down. What they did write down were images of some very alien looking creatures and something closely resembling a rocket ship. Why would they draw this unless they had seen it for themselves?

I’ll talk more about the theories of the past in a future blog post, but for now let’s assume that aliens exist, are aware of us, and even visit from time to time. Our governments are aware of their existence and may have actually communicated with them, but would never allow the public to know to prevent mass panic and hysteria.

Pause for just a minute. Take a deep breath, close your eyes, and imagine that this is all true. It is certainly not impossible.

Would believing this change your life, or could you go about your daily routine without any concern? If aliens have been around but haven’t destroyed us, then do we have anything to fear, or can we look to them as benefactors and seek help with advanced medical technology and food cultivation to feed the hungry?

If it is true, why haven’t they already helped us?

Open your mind to the many questions this belief generates, and share your thoughts with me in the comments below!

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