What is our End Game?

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abstract colorful background of night star

After reading this article about two merging supermassive black holes, I began to wonder if this is what the universe is all about. Ultimately, we all end up together in one uncaring, unfeeling mass of energy and atoms, then perhaps burst out again in another big bang. The cycle then repeats, over and over again, for infinity.

If this theory is true, we would still have much time ahead of us before we all “circle down the toilet drain” and disappear. But that’s us, now. What about in the far, far future, when that time approaches? Assuming, of course, we have advanced as intelligent beings without wiping ourselves out.

What could our future, advanced selves do if all the galaxies are pulling themselves together into one super dense ball? If the answer is nothing, what a bleak time to be alive. You can look back at humankind’s endless achievements and accomplishments only to realize at the end of the day–so to speak–it was all for nothing because we are about to be purged and replaced with the next cycle’s permutations.

A bit dark, I know, but this really gives me some ideas for a story!

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