Don’t Worry – You’ll Still be Able to Text from the Moon!

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Don’t think we’re serious about colonizing the moon?

Well, things just became a little bit more hardcore. The European Space Agency (ESA) are designing a satellite constellation to orbit the moon, offering navigation and telecommunication services to lunar visitors by 2030. You can read more about it here.

I’ve mentioned in my previous blog articles how thrilling it is to see the science-fiction stories I read about as a child coming to fruition. The ramifications of this announcement, however, really drives the message home. We are going to colonize the moon, and it may even be in my lifetime. How exciting is that?

Why do I see this article as such a big deal? Well, it demonstrates the foresight and innovation to prepare for something much larger, investing money, technology, and time toward a greater purpose. Have you ever considered moving and made sure to ask the realtor if the new location includes high-speed internet? Would you go anywhere that didn’t offer a cell signal, unless that was your exact purpose?

The internet has become a staple to our society, allowing us to remain in touch at any time without having to dial a phone and hope the other person answers. We’ve seen many science-fiction movies where astronauts hurtle through space sending messages back and forth with earth, waiting for the signals to arrive at either destination. But how cool would it be to walk on the moon, whip out your cell phone, and take a selfie with the earth rising in the background?

Granted, a great deal more needs to happen before we’re enjoying our first earthset while sipping cocktails beneath the dome of a lunar city, but this is a tangible indicator that we’re on our way. If the ESA are willing to invest in this. others will invest in different necessities, and sooner or later that colony will exist. I believe this with all my heart. There are so many reasons for a base to exist on the moon. This article offers some excellent details. It makes sense, it has become achievable, and since there is profit to be made, humankind will do this.

These are my thoughts, but what do you think? Please comment below!

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