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A great perspective driven sci-fantasy 
When you first read this book, it will be easy to think you are getting into a bunch of known cliches. That would be a mistaken view. After the first few chapters, you get a look at a possible future for humankind. We see the failures of our many prejudices and the inevitable destruction they bring. And beyond that, for the awesome flavor of this book-and yes I recognize it Wayne Meyers-is the addition of Xiaolin methods light years and millennia away from our world now. Love it!

An enthralling coming of age fantasy❤️Peacekeeper’s Passage is a coming of age fantasy with rich, multidimensional, and an exciting plot which keeps the reader pinned to the page.
Fast paced storytelling integrated with complex world-building grips the reader for a full of action, adventurous ride.⁣
Wayne takes the reader on exploration of a vast, vivid, and imaginative world with all of its exhilarating twist and turn.
The reader experiences the protagonist’s journey in a thrilling world along with the compelling, layered and a fascinating cast of characters.
Cover to cover alluring; first installment in the series will leave the reader requesting for more of the Wayne’s signature fantasy blend.⁣
Highly recommended to the readers of Fantasy and Sci-fi. A 5 star read for YA and Adult audiences.⁣
Looking forward to the next installment in the series.

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