To celebrate the release of Book Three, PEACEKEEPER’S PAIN, on October 1st, Book One will be FREE on Amazon from October 1 through the 5.

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Five Star Reviews:

An enthralling coming of age fantasy ❤️

Peacekeeper’s Passage is a coming of age fantasy with rich, multidimensional, and an exciting plot which keeps the reader pinned to the page. ⁣
Fast paced storytelling integrated with complex world-building grips the reader for a full of action, adventurous ride.⁣

Wayne takes the reader on exploration of a vast, vivid, and imaginative world with all of its exhilarating twist and turn.

The reader experiences the protagonist’s journey in a thrilling world along with the compelling, layered and a fascinating cast of characters. ⁣
Cover to cover alluring; first installment in the series will leave the reader requesting for more of the Wayne’s signature fantasy blend.⁣
Highly recommended to the readers of Fantasy and Sci-fi. A 5 star read for YA and Adult audiences.⁣

Looking forward to the next installment in the series.

Hofen is both thrilled and terrified when the peacekeepers’ guild adopts him a year early, but he painfully learns surviving until his thirteenth birthday–when his guild training begins–won’t be easy. Bullied inside and out of the guildhall for being an “outskirts” boy and denied access to the fighting skills a peacekeeper apprentice studies, he must secretly learn to protect himself on his own–even though discovery of his clandestine spying means expulsion.

Fused between rigid traditionalism and inexplicable technology, the Scriptures of Bellisprodus dictate all the rules for this moralistic, guild-based culture. The peacekeepers are sworn to enforce and defend these Scriptures with their lives. So when the peacekeeper masters learn of a plot that threatens the very fabric of their society, Hofen must overcome his fear of losing this new life and home he’s come to love in order to preserve it.

PEACEKEEPER’S PASSAGE is an exciting fantasy tale with a touch of coming-of-age that promises to delight both YA and Adult readers of all ages.