Want to read my books before anyone else?

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Frankly, I need help. YOUR help! I’m looking for a few ARC readers and beta readers for my new stories. I typically write science fiction and fantasy, for young adults and adults.

ARC, or Advance Reading Copy Readers

You will receive a free copy of the final manuscript before it is published to the world. Hopefully, you will enjoy it and put a review up for me as soon as it goes live on Amazon, so that potential readers will know if the new book is a fit for them.

Beta Readers

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You will receive a free copy of the manuscript-in-process in return for your critique and suggestions on how to improve the story, so that the final manuscript addresses any and all concerns you’ve raised–making it a better story for everyone!

All beta help is appreciated, whether you just want to read the story and provide general feedback, or if you’re a real stickler for details and return line by line critique or chapter by chapter commentary.

I would love to include you in either or both of the above. I’d greatly appreciate the help, and upon request will be honored to provide a free eBook after publication.

How to sign up

If you’re intrigued, please email me at author@waynemeyers.com with the subject “I Can Help!”. I will contact you to let you know when the next story is available (always in advance). Help as little or much as you can, no questions asked. Choose only what interests you based on the synopsis.

These tasks can be time sensitive, so if you want to help but won’t have a chance to read anything for a while, please let me know and we’ll work around your schedule if possible.

Bonus help: Reviews are the lifeblood for an indie author, so if you enjoyed reading it, please take a few minutes and post a review once the story is published. Even one sentence is so helpful. Amazon, Goodreads, Bookbub…the more the merrier, or your favorite choice. Share with your friends, comment on my website…every little bit really does help, and lets me focus less on marketing and more on writing, so I can get my next story out faster!

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Are YOU an author?

I’m also interested in working with a few select authors who have published at least one book, and write in the science-fiction/fantasy genres, either adult and/or YA. The general idea is we pass around our stories and help each other improve their work. Contact me for more information.