A Day with my Daughter

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The other day I was fortunate enough to have my day off synch up with my daughter’s. There is a ramen place in Easton we’d wanted to try, so we headed off to Mister Lee’s Noodles, located within the Easton Public Market.

Easton Baconfest – Isn’t that enough reason to visit?

Allentown-Bethlehem-Easton or “ABE”

Easton is the “E” in the “ABE” region of Lehigh Valley, PA, otherwise known as “Allentown-Bethlehem-Easton”. Overall, it’s a wonderful area to visit, eat, and shop in. The Lehigh Valley Mall is a great place to spend a day. You have the Wind Creek Bethlehem Casino, (formerly Sands Bethlehem), which contains a small Outlets area and hosts some exciting shows. I’ve seen Tony Bennett and Kristen Chenoweth here. We almost saw Meatloaf, but unfortunately he had to cancel due to illness.

We’ve visited Allentown and Bethlehem many times, and love both areas, but until recently had neglected Easton. Most people know Easton for the Crayola Experience, which is one of five locations, but the Corporate headquarters are also located here. There are also art events, the State Theatre of Performing Arts, and the Easton Farmer’s Market, to name a few. The architecture is very interesting.

Spicy Pork Ramen from Mr. Lee’s

Time for some ramen!

Anyhow, we found Mister Lee’s and ordered our lunches. Spicy pork ramen for me, and the bacon ramen for my daughter. Both were excellent, though I was sweating buckets from the spice before I cleaned my bowl. To be fair, I did add sriracha, but either way I love spicy so was very happy if drenched. The broth was very good, but I do have to say my ramen in Japantown when I visited San Francisco earlier in the year was a little bit better.

We also shared a side of kimchi, was was excellent.

Easton Public Market

Easton Public Market

After lunch we explored the rest of the Public Market, which is very nice and worth visiting. I ended up buying some excellent steaks, olive oils, and fresh produce. There are other eateries within that caught my eye–and nose–and I may have to give them a try when we return. I also purchased a small bottle of barrel aged rum made by a local distillery, which I found to be excellent. Yes, they do tastings.

Among others, there’s also a chocolate shop, a coffee/tea shop, and a bakery.

Weyerbacher Brewery

Flight from Weyerbacher’s

We then headed over to the Weyerbacher Brewery. I will admit I’m not a big drinker, but I do enjoy an occasional beer and have discovered I prefer craft to commercial. This place is awesome. The beers are excellent and beyond flavor of many other craft beers I’ve tried. They really have their formulas down. The pumpkin beer tastes like I’m drinking a pumpkin pie, but better. My daughter and I shared a flight (yes, she’s over 21!) otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to drive after. Their beers are high in alcohol content.

They also serve wine if you don’t like beer but want to go with someone who does.

A little more shopping and our outing came to an end. I spent a bit of money, but the memories will always be priceless!

What have you done with your child/parent lately?

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