Cruising for Sanity

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What better time to share my family’s summer vacation than the beginning of winter? With snow on the ground, it’s a warm reminder of a wonderful adventure.

Around mid-June, we cruised from Port Liberty to Bermuda, St. Maarten, Puerto Rico, and the Royal Caribbean’s private island on Haiti. It was my first time cruising and I had my doubts. What would it be like confined to a ship in the middle of the ocean? Would the motion make me sick? Would the food be up to reputation?

I’m pleased to say the experience was incredible all around. The cruise we selected had the right balance of sea days and port days, and we loved exploring the islands. The food was excellent. The service was top notch. We loved the shows. And not once did I feel like I was confined on a ship–more like a mobile resort. 

Beautiful ocean view!
At one of the great shows on the ship.
Statue of Liberty on the way out of Cape Liberty
Verrazzano Bridge Connects Brooklyn to Staten Island. That is Brooklyn on the other side.
Arriving at Bermuda.
St. Marteen port area.
St. Marteen. That might be an egret.
St. Marteen. What kind of lizard is it?
A beautiful mall on the French side of St. Marteen.
There’s our ship! We took a water taxi to reach it, after shopping and checking out a beach on St. Marteen.
Can you guess where this is? Comment below.
Royal Caribbean’s private beach on Haiti. Beautiful!

I hope you enjoyed the pictures! Looking back on them now, I could use another vacation. But then, I suppose we all feel the same.

At least I don’t feel guilty writing when the weather is so lousy. I do have pangs during a beautiful summer’s day.

Where was your favorite recent vacation spent?

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