Welcome, 2017! Great things to come…

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Happy New Year, World! I’ve had a wonderful 2016. I married the love of my life, visited Ireland, and published my first novel, VISITOR.

I have more writing in the works, but my initial resolution for 2017 is to improve communications with my fans and FIHMY, or Fans I Haven’t Met Yet. (I’ve never been very good at acronyms. Hey, we all have our strengths and weaknesses…).

You can help in two ways. First, visit this link http://eepurl.com/m5nlb and sign up for my mailing list. You can also use the sign-up form at the very top of this page. I never share email list contents, and only use them to alert members to a new blog post, or if I have a special announcement to make, like an upcoming raffle.

Yes, I will be raffling off something nice in January 2017, but you’ll need to visit my blog page to find out when and how to enter, and sign up to become eligible.

Second, please share this post with your friends! There must be a sci-fi or fantasy lover among them who would thank you for it one day (I hope!) so you’d be doing them a favor AND helping me out at the same time. How awesome is that? What a great way to begin your New Year.

For those looking forward to my next creations, I am close to releasing a short story prequel to VISITOR focusing on Aldrea’s younger days, and by the middle of the year I should have an awesome High Fantasy style novel released! I’m very excited about this story and can’t wait to share more about it, but for now just sign up for the mailing list so you can be the first to hear!

May your New Year outshine the last with all your heart’s desires and the best of luck and health for you and your family. Be safe.

Best wishes,


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