When I’m Not Writing…

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I wonder what people think about writers these days. Do you envision us hunched over a rickety wooden desk beneath the flickering oil lamp, dribbling an ebony trail from the tip of the quill back to the inkpot? Or, do you see us tapping merrily away upon the keyboard of a sleek, high-powered computer within a sterile, sound proof, hermetically sealed room?

In my case, I usually write at home, at a kitchen desk next to the open family room to remain inserted within the daily family drama. Why? Because although my writing time is limited, whatever time I do spend thus engaged takes me away from my family, so I’ve worked out a compromise and made it work. I know there are writers out there who must have total quiet or isolation, but if you think about it, my situation isn’t much different from those who write in a public coffeehouse.

Oh, and I use a crappy laptop. I’ve never used a quill, and imagine I’d have the ink flying in all directions—except on the paper—and perhaps poke myself in the eye. Back in the day, I used notebooks and a Bic fine point, but learned typing directly into digital format works best for me today.

Oddly enough, this post wasn’t meant to be about how I write, but what I might be doing when I’m not writing! My day job aside, it’s all about the family.

This past Saturday we visited the Great Allentown Fair and saw Meghan Trainor in concert. The fair itself was a lot of fun, although I ate far too much bad food, including a grilled ear of corn dipped into a vat of butter. We caught a rare Pokémon, (yes, we’re one of those families) and saw a beautiful praying mantis, hoping it would escape the thundering feet beneath the shelter of a food stand. It was a beautiful, sunny day, the perfect segue into a lovely evening.

Meghan Trainor was awesome on stage. We also enjoyed the two opening acts, especially Hailee Steinfeld, but Meghan has a truly powerful presence on stage and put on an exciting show for 8,100 screaming fans despite recovering from a sinus infection. Yes, I enjoy her music—I admit it! But it was sharing this time with my family that scored the highest points of the day.

As much as I love to write, I believe life is all about finding the right balance, and I look forward to sharing future moments about when I’m not writing.

Coming up soon: The Wedding!

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