VISITOR Proof Arrived!

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ProofVery exciting to hold the proof copy in my hands! Quite surreal to flip through the pages that seem just like any other book I’ve ever read, but recognizing the words within as my own. *Gasp!*

But the real thrill is now I can review my proof, and if there are no mistakes, release VISITOR for sale! Quite appreciative that my lovely fiancé, Barb, is reading it for me to help find errors, as speculative fiction is not her first choice in material. Thanks, soon-to-be-wife!

My cover designer’s image looks amazing in print! Thanks, Y. Nikolova! Breathtaking.

I know I promised more information about VISITOR, and that post is forthcoming. I will also share I’m planning a book release party at which there will be giveaways with prizes to include Amazon gift cards and awesome goodies.

I’d really appreciate it if you could like and share my VISITOR posts and tweets, and encourage friends to do the same. Sign up for my newsletter mailing list on my website at and like my Facebook author’s page. Every bit helps get the word out. I’m also interested in writing guest blog posts and open to other marketing ideas.

My respect for indie authors everywhere has grown in leaps and bounds during this process. I’ve learned a great deal about self-publishing, and am thrilled to become an indie author myself. I’ve written an amazing story, and can’t wait to share it with the world. #VISITORthenovel

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