Messy Egg Sandwich

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I used to make a breakfast sandwich. I should add that I enjoy cooking as another creative outlet, which has strong tie-ins to my need for dieting since the logical conclusion to cooking iswell, eating. But I digress!

The messy egg sandwich is a simple recipe that is extremely satisfying. Since eggs are good for you in moderation, you may view this as a reasonably healthy breakfast.

Take one or two eggs, a few slices of ham (optional), and a slice of cheese (also optional) – Swiss, American or cheddar would do fine, whatever your favorite is.

Heat pan, toast two slices of wheat bread. Bread is not optional as you cannot make a sandwich without it!

I use butter flavored Pam to cut down on calories and you really don’t notice the difference with all the other ingredients contributing to the overall experience. Spray some in the pan and on the toast when its ready.

Tear or cut ham into small pieces and fry over medium heat for a couple of minutes. Crack open eggs and add to pan on top of hot ham. Let eggs firm so the whites are mostly set. Spray top of eggs with more Pam. Flip eggs over. Sprinkle lightly with salt and pepper. Add a slice of cheese to top, after positioning eggs to the general shape of your slice of toast. Let cheese melt a bit, then push down on yolks to break and let them run.

Depending on your liking, remove runny eggs from pan and place on toast. Cover with other slice of toast and cut in half. Serve with napkins.

Disclaimer: Eating under-cooked eggs could be dangerous. Use this recipe at your own risk!

ps: Cooking yolks to a firm consistency is considered safer, but then it’s not a messy egg sandwich.


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