Rest in Peace, Mr. Klugman

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I am sorrowful to learn of Jack Klugman’s passing.

He may not have been the most renown actor, but his roles meant a great deal to me as a child, and have remained with me throughout my adulthood. Of course, the Odd Couple was a classic show that brought many hours of laughter, and I always looked forward to watching his antics as Oscar.

Quincy was another great show, ahead of its time, that I watched on Friday nights at my Grandparents’ apartment. We slept over there every weekend, my brother and I, and it provided an island of peace in the chaotic ocean of my childhood. I remember the sounds of a happy home, a good dinner, and shared time with those I love. Quincy was a part of those happy memories, a symbol that life offered more than the weekdays revealed.

I miss my grandparents terribly, and wish i could tell them how much their kindness, so readily taken for granted, meant to me then, and means to me now.

But Jack Klugman earned my fandom in his own right, with his easygoing disposition and likable characters. I loved every Twilight Zone episode he starred in. He was a talented actor who deserved more fame than he received.

So rest in peace, Mr. Klugman. I wish I could have thanked you in person for the pleasure you brought me, but perhaps now you simply know.

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