How I became a writer

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My life changed forever when I was ten years old, and my fifth grade teacher, Mrs. Friedman, gave us a writing assignment.   The assignment itself has long escaped my memory, but the story I wrote involved the flowers on … Continued

I need your help! Beta readers wanted.

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I’m looking for a few beta readers to help me with my writing. I write science fiction and fantasy, so ideally you are passionate about both. I’d prefer to find people willing and able to stay with me, if you … Continued

A New Beginning

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After a couple of years of struggling with Joomla, I’ve decided to switch to WordPress. WordPress has come a long way and I think it now has the bits and pieces it was missing. Let me know your experiences with WordPress!

Messy Egg Sandwich

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I used to make a breakfast sandwich. I should add that I enjoy cooking as another creative outlet, which has strong tie-ins to my need for dieting since the logical conclusion to cooking is – well, eating. But I digress! The … Continued

Rest in Peace, Mr. Klugman

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I am sorrowful to learn of Jack Klugman’s passing. He may not have been the most renown actor, but his roles meant a great deal to me as a child, and have remained with me throughout my adulthood. Of course, the Odd … Continued

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